Meet the Executive Clinical Director

Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC, PhD candidate, popularly recognized as her trademarked name, The Happy Therapist TM, is a double board-licensed psychotherapist in the State of New Jersey, with jurisdiction in New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Ms. Singh has been most recognized for her groundbreaking alternative mental health and substance abuse programming, her executive leadership at the Center of Inner Transformations-Alternative Mental Health and Substance Use Therapies, as well as her pioneering efforts at The Cannabis Health at COIT. Ms. Singh’s career and desire to create alternative mental health & wellness services began during her youth, when she began understanding and exploring her own mental health. Her interest in healing her family, friends, herself and others around her led her down a journey of professional development, education and skill building that spanned more than a decade. Her dream began and developed out of her true talent in empathizing and intervening. It eventually blossomed into her influencing communities and creating her mark in changing the way people view alternative medicines as an ethical, safe and viable mental health treatment option

Sonia’s prestigious education began at Rutgers University- Newark, where she received her Bachelors Degree in Social Work, with College Honors. Soon after graduating with her BSW, she received a partial scholarship and completed her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work with a Certificate in Addiction Counseling and Treatment at Rutgers University- New Brunswick. Ms. Singh has completed doctoral credits towards her Doctorate Degree at Columbia University in New York City and now holds two separate doctoral level clinical state board licenses to practice as a mental health and substance abuse therapist. Ms. Singh has completed post-graduate continuing education at Rutgers University, New York University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, . In 2020, Ms. Singh has began providing continuing education lectures at Rutgers University related to her specialty work with co-occuring mental health and alternative cannabis treatments

Sonia has worked in a various of treatment settings including outpatient treatment centers, intensive outpatient treatment centers, intensive-in home/in-community treatment settings, private group practice, hospitals and private practice. Aside from her clinical treatment work, she also has researched and developed her ‘The Happy Therapist Recommended CBD’ product line. Ms. Singh’s clinical expertise in treating 1000’s of individuals with alternative, cannabis based medications was influenced by her motivation to create wellness products that were effective and backed by clinical documentation.

Ms. Singh has been published in local, national and international media for her history making in the mental health arena.  Ms. Singh, alongside her executive staff at the Center of Inner Transformations, successfully facilitated the First Medical Marijuana Program Card Drives in New Jersey, and nationally known, to serve the unrepresented, undiagnosed population of mental health sufferers. Her pioneering efforts continue to attract attention and awareness towards the positive benefits of alternative treatment in western society.

Ms. Singh is a first generation American-Punjabi, New York City born and Central New Jersey Native. She was birthed from two Punjabi-Indian immigrants and understands and speaks semi-conversational Punjabi. As an original woman, Ms. Singh has a strong passion for working with diverse cultures. She has developed a multi-cultural network of peers and colleagues from all walks of life and strives to break barriers of race and ethnicity by her ambitious immigration and mental health interests.

Ms. Singh’s personal interest include cannabis health, holistic wellness, plant-based and naturopathic living, modern fashion and trends, fine arts & world cultures, real estate and music therapy. Her social influence has been recognized on Linked In- Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC; Instagram- ‘The Happy Therapist’; Facebook-‘The Happy Shrink’ and her website: COITHEALTH.COM