Medical Cannabis Transitions Counseling & Treatment Program at COIT

The Cannabis Health Program at COIT offers specialized Medical Cannabis Counseling & Treatment Programming. This is a behavioral counseling and treatment program that incorporates the healthy and safe use of cannabis medicines and supplements. This includes medical marijuana, CBD and hemp medicines.

Through the use of specialized counseling and interventions, our clients are able to use cannabis medicines safely and effectively while alleviating their presenting symptoms. Our specialized counseling addresses some of the difficult behavioral, psychological, social, biological and legal challenges that some one might experience along their journey using medical cannabis as a medicine.

Through treatment sessions with a trained mental health and substance use therapist, client’s of The Cannabis Health Program at COIT will be able to develop a deeper sense of insight towards healthy and unhealthy cannabis use habits. These individuals develop a wellness plan to use their cannabis products and acquire healthy cannabis use habits that promote the safest use of their cannabis products.

We offer individual, couples and family treatment sessions to address the multi-dimensional needs that cannabis use might present.

If you are struggling with your transition to using medical cannabis as a part of your individual treatment, you are not alone.  Our program specializes in addressing the needs presented by your medical cannabis, so that you can avoid adverse symptoms and truly achieve the best health benefits that the healthy and safe use of medical cannabis has to offer. Adapting to a new lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard.

Assistance is available. WE CAN HELP.

"Cannabis is sophisticated. And it’s complicated. There are various types and forms of this medication. MOST people need help."

The Cannabis Health Program at COIT’s Counseling and Treatment Program offers the following services:

  • Cannabis Medication Management
  • An individualized Cannabis Treatment Plan
  • Cannabis Product Recommendations
  • State Medical Marijuana Program Recommendations (with coordination of care with Medical Marijuana Doctor)
  • Coordination of care with all clinicians involved in a client’s treatment planning. This includes prescribing medical marijuana doctor (or with one of our medical marijuana doctors) or any of the other clinicians involved.
  • Psycho-education related to the biology of your cannabis consumption and the related effects, consumption methods, healthy use skills, legal and personal safety precautions, your bodies endocannabinoid system, medical and genetic considerations
  • Personalized cannabis wellness planning to develop coping skills to better manage the mental, emotional, behavioral and life changes you will experience while using medical cannabis
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Caregiver & family counseling sessions, when needed

Develop safe use habits to cope with the symptoms that hurt you naturally

You can experience a healthier life and reduce your addiction risk potential by working with a trained substance use & mental health professional.

The Center of Inner Transformations, LLC is an outpatient mental health and substance use therapy practice that helps people who are coping with difficult mental health challenges, substance use or addiction concerns, medical cannabis behavioral transitions, life transitions, couples / marital concerns and immigration needs. We provide individual, family, couples and caregivers psychotherapy, counseling and life coaching. Our main office is located in New Jersey in the Grove Street, Jersey City area. We also provide tele-mental health sessions via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform, that allows you to access services from the comfort of your home through using your tablet, computer or phone.

*We Accept several private health plans for some services. Please refer to our Rates and Services page.

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