COIT Mission and Purpose Statement

Center of Inner Transformations(COIT) is a mental health and substance abuse/use agency that aims to provide a variety of client-centered alternative and traditional clinical treatment services. COIT’s mission is to provide specialized services that address sophisticated mental health and substance use needs, with the highest level of compassion, care, ethics and integrity. We are passionate about providing help to those who require special needs.

Our vision is to provide clinical services that support our client’s ability to reach optimal levels of well-being through the provision of effective health and wellness services.

We believe that everyone is deserving and capable of achieving good health, happiness, productivity and personal wellness.

We value our engagement and our relationships with our clients. Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their self-directed goals. We understand that trust and transparency is crucial to a healthy and effective therapeutic treatment experience. We align with our clients to support their unique needs while delivering the highest quality of care.

We pride our ability to be a recognized leader in the promotion and provision of state-of-the-art behavioral health and wellness services in an environment that fosters compassionate care, clinical excellence, innovation and growth.

The Cannabis Health Program at COIT Mission and Purpose Statement

The Cannabis Health Program at COIT is an alternative mental health and wellness treatment program that specializes in the the combined use of cannabis/marijuana medicines and behavioral therapies.

The Cannabis Health Program understands that coping with unstable health symptoms can be very challenging, and for many people, cannabis can serve as an effective alternative treatment solution. The Cannabis Health Program at COIT aims to support clients in achieving safe and healthy medical cannabis use habits that reduce the potential for harm, risk or addiction. The Cannabis Health Program at COIT engages clients and related treatment interventions with the highest level of ethics and honesty, compliant with the professional boards that govern the work that we do. We aim to empower our clients with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to support the cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs that medical cannabis patient aim to resolve.

The Cannabis Health Program at COIT was founded in 2017 to provide accessibility and fair access to those who suffer from eligible mental health illnesses treatable with cannabis medicines.