Specialized Clinical Evaluation and Reporting for Special Cases

Center of Inner Transformations specializes in flexible care that supports the unique and sophisticated needs of those suffering from a variety of mental, emotional and substance abuse related conditions. We provide specialized evaluation and reporting for many types of cases. We utilize multiple methods for psychological testing that are interpreted and transcribed to provide detailed reporting. Our reporting includes a mental health status examination, expert observation and assessment, a comprehensive personal interview, comprehensive psychological testing, statistical research and fact finding and clinical recommendations. Our reports vary in length depending on the specific needs of the particular case and can be anywhere from 1-25 pages. Special types of case we commonly help:
  • Legal imposed cases requiring mental health or substance abuse evaluation or intervention. We work with collaborating attorneys and legal professionals to support the needs of a client/defendant/plaintiff.
  • We also can provide related brief interventions: private anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health counseling, if needed or recommended for these cases.
  • Temporary disability/medical leave evaluation and intervention for mental health
  • Mental health psychological clearance evaluations for medical reasons, employment and housing
For a consultation with a clinical therapist to discuss your special needs, please call us at 732-508-0052.