“The Happy Therapist” was featured on THESOURCE.COM in an article highlighting “7 Social Worker’s of Color Creating Change”

“Our Executive Director, “The Happy Therapist” was recently featured on THESOURCE.COM in an article highlighting “7 Social Worker’s of Color Creating Change”. 


Read her feature, taken from the article below.

Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC

The Happy Therapist

The Source Mental Health Reporter

“Ms. Sonia Singh, popularly known for her trademarked entity, “The Happy Therapist” and also the Mental Health Reporter at THESOURCE.COM, has been instrumental in her pioneering clinical work that incorporates medical cannabis, whether the marijuana or hemp plant, as an alternative treatment tract for many mental health sufferers. While cannabis conversations surrounding adult use legalization, medical access and federal de-classification has become a mainstream topic in the USA, the world is transitioning from nearly a century long cannabis prohibition era to a legal cannabis climate, and Ms. Singh’s advanced professional work has put her at the forefront of this emerging clinical industry. Ms. Singh, a double board licensed clinical social worker and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor has been innovative and forward thinking in her cannabis treatment efforts. She founded the Center of Inner Transformations, an alternative mental health and substance abuse treatment center, where she has facilitated The Cannabis Health Program at COIT since 2017, which is a medical cannabis treatment program that provides comprehensive, brief intervention and ongoing mental health and clinical cannabis solutions to individuals, families and groups. She also founded The Seed to Patient Program at COIT, a cannabis treatment program that partners with local licensed minority and women owned cannabis farmers to develop the program’s medical cannabis products.

She advocates that the State and Federal legalization of marijuana will influence many professionals to shift and re-learn their perspectives about marijuana. As more individuals are becoming more accepting of the use of cannabis products, whether marijuana, CBD or hemp products, ensuring and implementing safe and healthy use practices with cannabis is necessary. She educates and consults individuals on incorporating the use of cannabis as an alternative medication and as a part of their wellness regimen. Ms. Singh asserts that with the right skills and knowledge, those seeking to heal their illnesses with the psycho-active plant can do so, safely and effectively. Ms. Singh has been featured on THESOURCE.COM, Natural Awakenings and on various multi-media platforms and has worked with many confidential high profile and celebrity clients. Aside from her clinical work, she is an educator and clinical trainer to aspiring cannabis clinicians and cannabis treatment organizations. She is a frequent public speaker, a Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey alumna and avid mental health and cannabis advocate.”

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